Deep in his Lair, Ancient Dragon Awakens

RPG system only dies when noone uses its rules to tell a story. We at Dragonshorn Studios we believe that even old, classic systems can get a new life when given a chance.


Classic d20 in 21st Century

We are small family company focued on publishing system and modules for Foundry VTT as well as producing and publishing adventures and rulebooks for classic RPG systems.

Game System for Foundry VTT

We work on 3.5e SRD implementation for Foundry VTT - bringing you the best way to play this classic d20 system in modern, online environment.

Adventures for 3.5e and 5e

We produce high quality, VTT-first adventures compatible with both 3.5 and 5 edition of SRD, with new content released under OGL.

New rulebooks and worlds

We design and publish new rulebooks expanding 3.5e SRD. New worlds, classes, races - all released under OGL to be easily integrated in any classic OGL product.

Additional Tools

We provide additional tools for players and GMs to make their games easier!


Our Portfolio

We work on both RPG related software, such as Foundry VTT Systems and Modules and content for Pen and Paper and VTT editions of several classic RPG systems.


Dragonshorn Tales - Encounters Vol. 1

An encounter set for use with either 5th or 3.5 edition of world’s most popular roleplaying games.

3.5e SRD for Foundry VTT

Implementation of 3.5 edition of d20 SRD rules for Foundry VTT.

3.5e Loot Sheet NPC

Module for Foundry VTT that allows players to loot killed monsters and puchase items from merchants with ease! Fully compatible with 3.5e SRD for Foundry VTT

Legacies of the Dragon - Player's Companion

Player's Companion allows players and GMs to use character sheets from 3.5e SRD offline, and use items and roll from another device directly to their Foundry game!

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Encounters Volume 1

02 Apr 2021 Rughalt

Evil fey waiting for easy prey to drown in the depths of a lake. Gnolls collecting toll on the only road between two villages. Guardian of Tree Spirit looking for vengeance. Something lurks on every corner, ready to pounce on unsuspecting heroes.