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Stickier is a simple, sync enabled application for sticky notes. Using Google Drive as its core sync engine (as well as supporting any other, using file based sync) it allows you to easily manage your sticky notes between all of you macOS and (soon) Windows machines. Learn more

Open Source


Beengpaper (pronounced bingpaper) is a small macOS menu bar application that downloads the daily wallpaper from Bing and sets it on all of your desktops. View on GitHub


Weatherette (pronounced *i dont know how to pronounce it*) is a small macOS menu bar application that shows current current weather conditions and provides simple, 9-hour forecast. View on GitHub

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Hi there!

Thanks for reaching this far.

I am happy to provide my software free of charge*. I think its fair, as I develop it in my free time - as a hobby - and use it myself, so I know it may not be very polished initially. Instead, I kindly ask you to consider supporting me on Ko-Fi. This would also help me a great deal, to cover some costs of producing and hosting the software.

*At least desktop the software (Windows, Linux and macOS applications). Some applications I develop - mostly SaaS - may not be 100% free, as they have non-zero upkeep costs (and I hope to be able to sustain myself in the future developing those).