Update: Zero Launcher is now Just a Launcher

Zero Launcher has been changed into Just a Launcher (due to some problems on Google Play Store). You can download it from Google Play Store.
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Just a Launcher – no bloat, lightweight and fast app launcher. And nothing more.

Just a Launcher is the simplest app launcher you can imagine – just your wallpaper and your apps (and the clock!). No widgets, no bloat – and no unnecessary permissions in just quarter of a megabyte (256KB to be exact). Designed for anyone that thinks that launchers should be used just for launching apps.



  • Small – only 256KB download size
  • No permissions requested
  • No widgets, only clock and apps
  • Fast and straightforward

How to
Pinning apps to main screen – to pin app to main screen, long press app icon in app drawer. You can pin up to 8 apps, and they are sorted by order you pinned them.
Unpinning apps – to unpin app, long press app icon on main screen. When all apps are unpinned, main screen will show first 8 apps from all apps list.

Version 1.6.0
– Initial (re)release

From Google Play Store

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