Wrzuta Media Downloader

Status: Retired.

The developers of Wrzuta Media Downloader are not responsible for end-user usage of this software, and do not support and endorse any kind of illegal activities. Before you download anything using this program, please check if file is published legally and you have the right do download it.

Since wrzuta.pl has changed it’s data serving system, WMD does not work. Download is provided for backup purposes and in case full functionality is restored

Wrzuta Media Downloader is a free, BSD licensed program that allows you to easily download files from Polish popular music sharing website, Wrzuta.pl.

To download a file using Wrzuta Media Downloader, just search for it from main program interface, and double click on the file you want do download! After the file is downloaded, you can easily tag it, and even make program move it to specified directory!

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