On this page you will find information about various small plugins/extensions/mods, for both software and games, developed by Dragonshorn Studios.

Iconized Bookmarks Popup [Google Chrome]
OneNote Math AddIn [OneNote 2007]
Grimuars Mod [Baldur’s Gate 2]

Iconized Bookmarks Popup

Google Chrome extension.
Status: Not actively developed, feature-complete. Supported.

Do you miss having favicon-only bookmarkbar? Do you have too much bookmarks in and you want to be able to quickly access them? Iconized Bookmarks Popup is the solution for you.

Iconized Bookmarks Popup helps you by creating a simple popup containing faviconized links from bookmarks and folders found in bookmark bar, for quick and easy access, with no additional bloat.

Supports folders, variable space between bookmarks and popup width, custom .png and .ico favicons. You can also add custom icons to folders.

Now, you can open bookmarks in the same tab (with left click) and in new tab (with middle click). You can swap buttons and make new tabs open in background!

Experimental feature – you can wipe out titles from all of your bookmarks in bookmark bar in just one click, and use standard bookmark bar! Remember to make backup first!

Inspired by Firefox’s Smart Bookmarks Bar, and IE icon only view, this extension tries to simplify you Google Chrome bookmarks experience.

Download extension
Download extension (grey version)


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OneNote Math AddIn

Microsoft OneNote 2007 AddIn
Status: Not actively developed, feature-complete. Supported.

OneNote Math AddIn is a simple add in for one note, which allows easy input of mathematical equations using TeX syntax, and simple way to convert them into nicely looking images.

Usage Information

Mathematical input syntax

At the beginning of line which contains mathematical input, you have to add :eqn:. After :eqn:, you can write normal TeX math syntax.


:eqn:sin(x) produces :eqn:sin(x)

:eqn:\int cos(x)dx produces :eqn:\int cos(x)dx

Remember – you cannot have normal text and equation in the same line! Each line of mathematical input must be separate and end with new line.

You can find more TeX math symbols here.

Converting mathematical input

To convert mathematical input, just click “Convert Math” button localized on main toolbar. Mathematical input should be written in separate lines.

One thing to remember – before converting make sure that after each math line, there is a new line added (technical limitation).

Version History

v1.0.0 – Initial release.

Download OneNote Math AddIn 

Grimuar mod

Baldur’s Gate 2 mod
Status: Not actively developed, feature-complete. Supported.

Grimuar mod adds BG1 grimuars to the BG2 game, adds new merchant selling completely new grimuars, and makes some battles harder. This mod is compatibile with Tactics, BiG World Project – but special install rules apply with current version (for more read BiG World Project guide).

Version History

3.3 – Another minor release – added Spanish translation, thanks Riojano2002! Also, fixed Polish version.

3.2 – Next minor release – added german translation, doesn’t break compatibility.

3.1 – This is a minor release – finished English translation

3.0 – Old version, which I found on the net (sic! I should keep my programs in safe place ^^)

 Download Grimuar Mod

Copyright information

This mod is copyright by Antoni “Rughalt’ Sobkowicz

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